Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd

Mary is just too cute. She's looking all over the office for her sister, Isis.

Here she is! Isis found a cozy bed to sleep in. 
Though, she's now moved herself to my lap! And is making typing a bit difficult.

Leopold sitting by the window

He's soo sweet. He just chirps and prances around for attention.

Minime rushing over for cuddles.

Mojo is pretty relieved to be back to the normal Seattle weather.

I woke Lopo up from his nap and I don't think he was too happy.  Thankfully he was able to sleep it off.

Petunia looking out at the garden.

She acts like we never pay any attention to her.

Sam nice and warm.

See Petunia, we do hang out!

Happy Monday!
Your blog host, Ellen

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