Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th

Mary perched up high.

Sweet Lilly and I had a lovely cuddle session earlier! She even nudged my hand with her head when I stopped petting her! 

Isis and Mary just love the top of the condos.

Mochi has such beautiful green eyes.

Pickle is nice and snug in her bed.
Leo looks pretty surprised to have found another cat in this condo!

Marie's kitty Domino was going crazy for this banana toy.

Her other kitty Shiloh, snoozing away.

Gus Van Cat hanging out in his condo.
Simba is very thoroughly sniffing my hand. 

Precious Minka hopped onto my lap and took a nap.

How cute is she?!

Pudge prancing around the cattery.

What a beautiful fur coat!

Rosabelle is content to just nap the day away

Aww Serena! She's such a sweet and affectionate kitty.

Simba enjoying the outdoor catio.

Handsome Cougar strolling around

Lopo catching some rays

Petunia stretching

Frank has little ballerina feet

Petunia showing off the garden

Mojo flopping around

Igor is guarding the front door

Aww Peach and Pudge are making friends!

Sisters Mary and Isis

Happy Friday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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