Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9th

All My Kitties is finally getting back to normal after the end of summer craziness.  

Ellen and Pepper take time for a little snuggle on the stairs.  

 Leo knows he's the Prince of the Cattery.  Yes, we crown you Prince Leo.

 Rex and Reva just came in last night and are not sure what to make of their first boarding experience.

 Reva doesn't even know what way to look.  First this way, then that way.  

 Babs has been here so many times, she knows just how to pose for the camera.

 Bird, although a newer arrival, has the poses down already.  Good job bird.  You show that scratching post who's boss.  

 Or just look cute.

 Kaplin knows how to look adorable.  

 As does Dixie.

 Jackson has such a big nose for such a little kitty.

 Chief is perched high overlooking his tribe of cats.

 Another gorgeous shot of Babs.  

 This is new kitten Simon.  He heard that dinner is on it's way.  "Where is it?" he says.

Actually, since he's a kitten, he gets food all day long for his growing body.

 Dexter and Pepper are looking forward to meal time too.

 Twyla is playing musical condos without the music.  She's moving from condo to condo until she finds one that just suits her fancy.  

 Arina and Lulu are such girly girls.

 Here's Ellen getting dinner ready.  Everyone has their own, special meal prepared that Mommy and Daddy brought just for them.  Sometimes treats are included.

"Oh Yummy!" Marilyn looks very enthusiastic about what's to come.

 New cat Harvey is quite a handsome fellow, don't you think?  Cute collar.

 Max & Achilles are new guests at All My Kitties too.  Max isn't ready to leave his carrier yet.  That's ok Max.  We'll give you a day, or maybe two.  Whatever it takes.

 Frankie girl found this fantastic mouse toy and just loves it.  I wonder if there is something a little special inside of it that makes it a little addictive?

She's going a little crazy for it.

 Suzy got loose in the storage room and is having the best time exploring the carriers and blankets.

 Oh boy, oh boy!!!  Here comes food for Mitchell, Grizz, and Cinnamon.  

 Marley and Ziggy look like they could be posing for a police mug shot.  Come on boys, lighten up.  It's not prison.  It's Kitty Kamp.  

Next blog guaranteed they'll be looking much happier.

See you then.  Your blog host - Marie

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