Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30th

We moved Billy to our office and he's having a great time up here!

Loki knows exactly where the warmest spot is in the office. 

Mochi is content to hang out in her condo all day

Her sister, Pickle, agrees. Their condo is the place to be!
Beatrice likes the comfort of her carrier. Or maybe it's just her cool monkey blanket. 
I'm a little jealous...

Igor looks so cute napping

Simba decided to take it easy today and camp out inside his condo. Nice and cozy

Peach hanging out in bed. 

I couldn't decide which picture was cuter!

So  I kept all three.

Minka is such a silly and cute kitty.
Serena is ready to play!

Frank came out of his kitty cabin!

Mojo just has the sweetest lil face
Lopo has a new favorite spot

Cougar showing off some sweet dance moves

Pudge peeking his head out to say hello.

Your blog host - Ellen

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