Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11th

Maggie is helping me with today's blog.
(by helping, I mean hogging the chair but I don't mind sharing)

Winston is always ready to play!

Oh no, he's being abducted by aliens!

Oh phew, it was just a feather toy.
Jerry's getting in on the action too!

He's all tuckered out after all that play.

Cute little Kiki she just wants to nap away in bed.

Bath time for Sam.

 Jackson is the sweetest little lovebug

McClane has such a gorgeous coat.

How cute is Miss Molly?

Diago braving the cold weather. Thankfully we have heated beds in the outdoor cabins.

Tana, you are so gorgeous!

Aww She and Sam are posing just like each other!

Lenez has a lot to tell me about.
(Like how she thinks dinner should be sooner rather than later)
Handsome Kashi is all cozy in bed.
McClane's been meowing at me all day for some attention.

Oh and Finley. Such a cool kitty!

Your blog host - Ellen

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