Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29th

What a day!
We had snow on the ground, a full house of kitties and so much to do!
There was not much time to caption up the blog, but we know you come to see your favorite cats and that's what we have for you!

Winston might have to go home with our sleeping bag.  He just loves it.  

Lucy has found a perch on our bookshelf.  



Maggie above and Pixel below have pretty similar markings.  Tortoiseshell?  

Pixel has her eye on Petunia.  

Porsche is Bentley's sister.  Hmmm.  Where is Rolls Royce?

Butterscotch prefers to keep his rear warm but pokes his head outside into the cat veranda for a look at the garden.

Rex seems to love his carrier.  

Eliza hanging out with Jackson.

Thanks to Ellen for all the fantastic cat photos! 
Outside we have a striking winter garden with all the fresh snow,
It only happens every so often for us here in Seattle, but it is so awesome when it does!

Blog today by Miles, hoping you are all as warm and cozy on vacation as your cats are here!

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