Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25th

Kiki is just the sweetest kitty (and so soft too!)

Luna enjoying some fresh air.

Butter, could you possibly be any cuter?

Winston getting ready to cause trouble

Ooh, Finley, I just want to squish those pink little jelly bean toes of yours!

Rex hanging out in his carrier from home

Duke stepping through the cat door.

Reva loves being outside

Rudy is nice and cozy in one of the heated outdoor cabins.

Pixel doesn't mind the cold at all

Duke on the move!

Bear showing off his beautiful coat

Jackson is already nice and settled in his condo.

Pancho napping the day away.

Bear again =)

Duke just LOVES to flop and roll around

Who's the most gorgeous kitty?

"ME!" says Muffin and I agree.

Her sister Lucy insists that she's the cutest

You're right, Lucy, both of you are adorable.

Luna strutting her stuff around the office.

Your blog host - Ellen

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