Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23rd

Lucy is the latest clever cat to figure out that hanging out by the computer gets her people time

What a sweet girl!

Like all shy cats, all shadow really needed was some love

"Why would you stop though!?"

Kiki just needs basket time and she's right as rain

Muffin, Lucy's sister, loves nothing more than being pet and rolling around on the ceiling

So silly!

Butterscotch is one of many cats who are professional nappers

Vader decided to show us his floppy-cat persona today

Bear is back!

And already in explorer mode

Rudy is such a mellow old guy, all he really wants is pettins and food

Poncho Villa too, he's just a sweetheart who likes to nap

Duke is just a show off!

I guess I probably would be too if I had a coat like that all the time

Pixel! Maybe the friendliest, tiniest, funniest tortoise-cat I've met

And how could I leave out adorable baby Winston?

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