Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1. 2016

Happy February from All My Kitties!

Here's our guy Max, looking rather dashing

Toots spots a colorful toy
Snags it
Oliver gazes on

Olive naps it off

Looks like Max wants more attention

That's some stretching, Fender

Love you, Fender!

Foster kicks it on the catio

Can't get enough of Puss's sweet face

Bailey is a beauty

Rocky is nestled in

Issi and her shadow come to greet me

Olivia is lovely!

Palls Toots and Issi have been tumbling around and playing so much

Noodles notices something I don't 


Max waves again. Little camera hog!

Simba makes a call

and files some paperwork

Ubele prefers cozy little nests

Joey is back! 

Palu is one of our regular senior guests, and he is such a gentleman 

All right Zoey, I won't disturb you

You either, Kiki

Nice posing, Baby!

Gibson spots the camera

shows belly

Looking a bit suspicious there, Puss...

Frosty is one friendly feline fellow

Hope you're all loving this beautiful first day of February. See you in a few days!

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