Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22nd, 2016

Missy is hard at work hard wiring the computer

You sure do take a pretty photo, Catamaran!

Snoozin' Suzy

Misha looks mighty cozy


Sabrina is all snuggled in

Hana on the prowl

What a face!

It's bedtime for Buster

Cookie is one of our newest guests, she really enjoys her condo and seems to be adjusting quite well!

Such a lovely coat of colors

Henry says hello

He's too cute! 

Getting silly!

Simba loves the tents on top of the condos

Yes, I will shake your paw

Fender perks up when he sees the camera

Gibson gets silly as well

Puss is puuurfectly content in her little tent

Minnie nestled on the bookshelf. What a sweet girl

Giving Millie love


Rex enjoys the cattery on this sunny Monday


What a handsome fellow

McClane wonders why I woke up

Oh well.

Thanks again for checking us out! Until next time, your blog host, Lindsay

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