Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3rd, 2016

Looking mighty cute, Toots!

Every time is play time in the minds of kittens

Rex is our newest guest, he seems to be enjoying the luxuries of the catio

So content

Noodles keeps cozy on this very rainy day

Foster loves to be perched up high

So does his sis, Bailey

Fender gets silly with me


Oh hello, Oliver!

Frosty get's cuddled by Allison!

Puss wants a hug

Lili loves the outdoors

Lovely lady

Gibson pops out to say hello

Rocky makes his bed

He's so precious!

Loving him up

Zoey notices something bright and colorful

Nice to see you, Lucy!

What great big eyes you have

Baby poses away

Joey is a joy!

Sibling play time

Kiki loves the comfort of his bed

Sweet boy!

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