Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10th,2016

Kiki took my spot when I wasn't looking

What a great guy you are, Gus!

Welcome back!

Puss really loves the comfort of her bed

Munching on leftovers

Frosty is one friendly fellow

Such magnificent eyes!
Rex lounges about on the catio

Lot's to see and do
Noodles cuddles up and hides from the rain in a house

Oliver has discovered the best seat in the house

Bear is bae!

Such soft fur

Zovar arrived yesterday & tries to make himself cozy

His sis Cricket checks out the view

Joey looks mighty relaxed up there

Penny just arrived and popped out to say hello!

Sorry to wake you, Zoey!

Lucy simply loves her little hut

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Until next time, your blog host, Lindsay

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