Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016

Foster and Bailey are friends to the end!  

Frosty's about to make that leap!  

Puss has the appearance of a cat who just got caught in the act.  

Rocky makes himself cozy whenever he can.

Gibson, you're such a gentleman! Always so polite!  

Bubba's back!  We missed you!  We hope you missed us too! 
Frosty, you magnificent beast!  

Fender becomes extra active whenever the camera comes out.  

She's so photogenic!  

Toots stands tall and proud.

Noodles?  More like CUTEles!  

Rex likes to get about and explore the catio.

Oliver has a super secret hideout in the bookcase. Looks like he brought a friend to the clubhouse meeting!  

Lucy is such a pretty kitty!  


Roo, you sweetie pie, you!  

Wally just arrived and she's settling in nicely.

Kiki is an angel when he's sleeping (and when he's awake too!)

Zoey and Joey are brother and sister and they're used to sharing a bunk bed.  
Toots wants a hug!
Thanks for checking us out today!

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Lindsay and Allison

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