Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12, 2015

All of us at All My kitties are happy it's a holiday because the house is full of lovely guests!


Puss is such a sweetie!

Henry is a very nice guy and he has the most dreamy eyes.  

Cricket's favorite hangout used to be in the bookshelf, but she's recently placed herself outside in the Catio.  


Gus really cuts loose when the catnip comes out.  

Oliver doesn't quite know what to think about all this silliness!  

Tally likes to perch on top of the stairs to be sure to say hello as we walk by.  

Ralphie!  Words cannot describe how cute you are!  

Kiki is so glamorous today!  

Penny is so sweet that I could just put her in my pocket!  

Give us a wink, Zoey!  

Joey is a handsome guy who loves his window boxes.  

Bear is all wound up for the pets!

Did we wake you, Gus?

Quorra is a darling little emp who loves being pet on the face.

Lovely Lucy is coming out of her shell!


We can depend on Frosty to have a positive outlook on life.  

Noodles loves the outdoors!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog hosts,

Lindsay and Allison

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