Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10th, 2016

Nazale is one precious little lady

MiuMiu is marvelous and merry

Chewy has the sweetest face!

Hey Tana, you match your bed!

Suzy is feeling snoozy

MiuMiu decided to take over my chair

Pip has found a cozy spot all to himself

Quito is curious!

Yuki & Hana each found their own similar huts

Gus comes out to greet us

Esme is Queen!

Oyster is such a gentleman

Aussie guards the stairwell



Raleigh is a glorious vision to behold!

Elsa had mad style

Charles zones out on a beautiful day

Miele peaks out

Blanton loves his shelves

Artie sharpens his nails


Oyster joins us for fun in the sun!

Have lovely sunny Monday!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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