Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016

Lovely Lola.

Ollie is one cool kitty.

Lovebirds, Bongo and Lola.

Wally is a sweet little thing.

Frankie couldn't be more at home in the catio.

Mittens is so photogenic, she would take selfies if she could!


And Girlie!

Frankie again, giving us a wink.

Zephyr has a big personality!

Wally is all eyes.  

That Bongo is such a pretty boy!  

He loves to flop!

And get all of those pets!

Mittens is Queen of the Castle!  

Spike is very striking in bright orange hue.

Snuggly Sabrina!

Pouncer and Fluffers obviously enjoy eachother's company.

Staying dry there, Freyja?


Pouncer again, looking very dapper.

Rainy is a good, good girl!

Sonny has some exotic tabby stripes.  

Zeta's always on the go!  

Nazale comes out of her special spot to say hello.

Thanks for checking out these pretty kitties!

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