Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20, 2016

Smokey gets extra silly for us!


Sabrina lays low

Spike, sweet Spike!

Fluffers found a spot on the shelf

Creeping out..

Theo truly enjoys his bed

Welcome back, Desi!

Pouncer is a precious guy 

Nazale is Queen!

Wonderful little Wally!

Johnnie Walker joins us again!

Holder gets loved up by Allison

Pangur is a looker!

Yana looks mighty comfy

Nyar is in the house

Wayne is back!

As is his brother Garth!

Sonny is a sweetheart!

Artie out on the prowl

Lola peeps out

McClane is a beauty

Moose certainly adores his cozy little baskets

Lady Penelope atop her throne

Oyster is in charge!

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