Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16th

 What happened to the famous Storm of 2016?

 All the kitties are more comfortable, including Nazale, now that the windy weather has passed.

Clovis is ready to come out and face the world again.  

Peek a boo Pip

 Nazele checking out everyone's condo to see if it suits her, even though she has her own.

 Smokey is as pretty, or handsome, as a picture.

 Artie looking high and mighty.  

 Braveheart just won't sit still for her photo

 Is that you Wally and your gorgeous coat?

 Aussie just doesn't like that flashing light of the camera.  

 Braveheart checking in on Aussie.

Nyer and her sister Yana like the catio but we brought them in for the supposed stormy night, now they like it indoors.

 Show us how comfortable you are Nyer.

Simba REALLY doesn't like the flash.  Simba always runs away when the camera comes out.  

Yana liking the warmth of the indoors this visit.

The outdoors doesn't scare Moose away.


 Some cats are just toooo nosy.  



 Nothing like a little ear rub.

 Candy Kitty.  No she doesn't have short front legs.  She's just giving us a cute kitty pose.

 Foster looking out over the cattery.

 Oyster again prancing along.

 Finally, a still photo of Braveheart.

 Ha ha ha ha!  Stick your tongue out at me will ya, Clovis.

 What a sweet photo of Tana

Now you may think this might be a photo of Chewie from the last blog, but it's not.  He has found this little round house and is claiming it as his, now and forever. 

If you didn't see your cat in today's blog, email me at  We try our best to get them all in.

Your blog host - Marie

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