Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28th 2016

Sunny days are hear again and our kitty guests are soaking up some rays!  

Wally made it out for the sunshine!  

How did you get all the way up there, Bongo?

Silly bean!  

Desi throws us some serious tongue.  

Frankie spends another afternoon on her favorite perch.  

How'd you get to be so pretty, Holder?

Darling Zeta!

A very contemplative Cougar.  


Zypher is always in the middle of things!  

Bazbeaux is so refined.  

Rainy loves to chat us up.

Moja only just arrived and boy is he a looker!  

Freya is really warming up to the place!   

Sonny can't get enough sunshine!  

Lola gets so excited when the camera comes out...
She lives for her admirers!  

McClane springs into action.

Nazale keeps it cozy in her basket.

Spike has no muffler on his purr.  

Lola is a luxurious girl who loves to lounge.  

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