Friday, October 7, 2016

October 6/7

This blog was a two person effort.  Lindsay took all the photos, and I, Marie, am posting them.  We have lots of photos to show you too.

 Chewy is such a sweet kitty.

 Yuki or Hana.  These are the only cats we can tell apart unless we look at their colors.  We just call them the mice.  

 Miss Wilson is a long time customer and now in her senior years but she still has a good quality of life and we adore her.

 Nazele.  That's a name I've never heard before.



 Miu Miu

Handsome Leo

 Quito loves his carrier so we just left it in the condo for him.


 Pip peeking over Tama

I have to put Kittles in the condo while I'm working at my desk otherwise she will be walking all over my keyboard.  I don't think she's too happy with that.  


 Bear Bear





 Lil' Smokey





That's all folks =^..^=


  1. Hi Merlin! We'll see you tomorrow :-)

  2. Kittles walks over our keyboards at home, too. She has bad manners!