Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 14th

Good ol' Greyson!

Bayley enjoys some sun.  

We've caught Misu in a floppy frame of mind.

She loves to twist and roll.

So much fluffy belly!  

It must be rubbed!

Stylish Sebastian.  

Love the haircut, Leo!

Q-Tip is eager to say hello!

Then straight back to her basket!

Beau hanging out on his special blanket from home.



Milo looking suave. 

Greyson is the official door greeter!  

He wants to meet every new face!  

Esme can be found in the highest spot in the catio.

Newcomer Schooner is a cutie!


Strut your stuff, Misu!

On the catwalk!  

Bayley explores the catio.

Have a great day!

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