Monday, March 18, 2019

March 18th

Look at all these Spring Blossoms!

Pawl spends his whole day in the catio with this weather

Milo is a roly-poly guy!

Bayley has fallen in love with the catio during her first stay downstairs

Blaire makes sure that my hoodie smells like him

Demure Milo

Bags you can make the jump!
Misu wants all the love

GG is luminous!

Getting some fresh air

GG and Bags don't mind sharing the vent

Schooner is so cozy in her basket!

She might be reserved, but she is a total sweetheart!

Greyson is always by my side these days

Q-Tip went home today, but I couldn't resist posting such a perfect photo of her

Leo blep


Milo should be a model
 Blaire soaks up the sun
Looking good in green & black
Leo's got his boxing gloves on! He's ready!

Selfie time with Blaire!
Milo wanted in on the love too

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host(s)
Angela (Blaire & Milo)

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