Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March 26th

These Kitties are Blossoming!

We get to spend so much time with Blaire this month and we couldn't be happier!
Tiberious lives for the catio

Black cat party with Blaire and Tiberious!

One of my favorite Blaire expressions

Tiberious is high and mighty!

An afternoon bath with Jinx

Greyson has been the sweetest guest 
Such pretty peepers on Tiberious!

Pepper approves of my new shoes

Belly rubs!

Ollie just arrived yesterday and he loves chilling in his carrier

Welcome Ivy!
She seems much more comfortable in her new digs in the office 
Ista is a sweetie who loves her basket

Hows the view today, Ella?

Venus decides to check it out herself


Now we can see all your pretty markings!

Yuki face!

Ella pretends to sleep, but as I walk by she shows off her spready toes!

Such a gorgeous face!

Hana would you fix that light for me?

Or just be cute, you're so good at that!

Monroe gazes out the window

Gotta check out all the high places

Bags is always happy to share his lofty spot

Thanks for tuning in!

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