Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 24th

Spring has Sprung
At All My Kitties!

Gracie & Polly are the tiniest most precious babies!

Pepper spreads her little toe beans

Tiberious, whats on your nose?
You sniffing the litter boxes??
Ista is still getting used to things, but she is quite a sweetie!

I caught Archer yelling at the birds again

Jinx wanted to say to Luke...but we're not sure Luke was ready

Jinx the Welcome Wagon! 
Zolo was happy to get a Jinx greeting

Majestic Zolo

Little Janeway sneaks on by

Pepper sees a bird! Get it!
(but not really since a bird would NEVER step foot in here!)

Looks like something caught Arya's attention as well

Jinx found a cozy bed 
Janeway waits for more visitors to come and give her some pets

Luke loves the heated beds

A rare still moment for Arya!

Janeway felt left out 
Zolo did you know you have a TWIN here??


He's got tiger stripes!

Little baby kitties!

Tula serenades me 

Gracie with the pretty spots

Polly with the extra toes!

Demure Venus strikes a pose

Bags doesn't know what to make of these kittens in his space

Tucked in Tula 
Gracie explores the room under our watchful eyes

Yuki looking for love 
Hana prefers to be loved from afar

"Okay but can I get on your lap now?"

Marie is just smitten with these kittens!

Thanks for tuning in!

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