Friday, March 8, 2019

March 8th


Quincy is a fluffy orange ball of joy!  

Lots of kitties hanging out in the catio.  

They play nice!

Engaging Ian.

Raffy spends the warmest part of the day in a window box.  

Jackson is coming to getcha!  

Dreamy Cooper.  

Harry, baby!


Agreeable Greyson.

Elsie loves hanging out on the highest spot in the room.  

You know how to win 'em over, Harry!

Phil with the kitten in his eyes.   

Curious Jasper.

Cocoa Bean is interested in meeting the customers.  

Ian enjoys a sunny window spot.

Stretch out!

He's never far from his buddy, Cocoa Bean.

Jasper loves the camera.  

I need not mean to wake you, Kaplan.

Jackson decided that he likes the catio!

Flirtatious Ian.

Q-Tip stays cozy in her condo today--- it's cold outside!

Thanks for looking!

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