Sunday, September 1, 2019

September 1

It's September 1st and you
know what that means:


Check out all of our orange kitty hues!!!

Hobbes leading the way with the cinnamon spice hues. 

Cousteau is our resident "Great Pumpkin"!

Gayle - a lil' slice of pumpkin pie. 

Phoebe creating a Thanksgiving
kind of vibe with her favorite basket. 

Howard is READY for Pumpkin Spice season!

Rocky rockin' the pumpkin spice and whipped cream look!

Quincy is practically glowing with his orange color.

Almond in his favorite spot at the top. 

We have Archer's attention!

Bazbeaux is looking very distinguished. 

Boo Boo just up from a nap with a big old yawn!!!!

 Braveheart is always down for some belly rubs!

 Fig is cute as a button! 

Gertrude is looking VERY artsy today. 

Janeway loves the twinkle lights. 

Jinx is like a rainbow. 🌈

Johnny Walker on the move!

Kona flashing his baby blues. 

Leo is our resident explorer! 

Loki looks just heavenly. 

Party on the catio! 

Luna perfectly posed in front of the flowers. 

Maddie is singing: "Hey la, hey laaaa,
my boyfriend's back!" to Jinx!

What a life Millie! 

Monkey taking advantage of the catio. 

Mr. T gettin' cozy! 

Nyx is SUCH a lovebug! 

Ron and Ollie, our two mustachioed cats. 

Ollie saying "good morning". 

Leo has the cutest face markings. 

Phil Collins in a stuido session. 

Poncho enjoying the sunshine. 

Purr-C is such a goofball! 

Raffy - the most interesting cat in the world. 

Ron sittin' pretty. 

Leo and Simon on the cat tree!

Simon from his favorite perch. 

Skylar has found a very unique hiding place. 

Tabby Power! 

Tom Tom standing watch! 

Winston is such a dear. 😻


Enjoy this GLORIOUS Labor Day weekend!

-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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  1. That is a LOT of kitties! You all are The BEST!! I can’t believe how much Millie and Raffi look alike.