Monday, September 23, 2019

September 23rd

It's Finally Sweater Weather!

Well hullo up there guys!
Cinnamon & Nox lurking from above

Blaire is all set for Halloween!

Astro loves his condo but he never lets us walk by without a head scritch

Candy leaves for North Carolina this week...
(We're trying not to cry!)
She has been a regular guest for many years and we hope she and papa love their new home!

Charles is dreaming of his mama in Italy

Cinnamon's sweet face

Cooper decided the pillow was just fine on the floor

Such beautiful teefs you have Coop!

Little Emma is quiet and sweet

She came with all her special things

Miss Frankie was VERY interested in Emma's banana

Gotta get that catnip fix!

Francis plots his next jump - will it be my shoulders or another condo?

LV is a really lovey guy!

He loves the catio! 
Mars is starting to warm up the place

Welcome back Mezzy!

Mochi has stolen our hearts!
She's always ready for adventure at a moment's notice! 

"Please let me in!" she says!
Frankie, yelling from behind, "use the doggy door!"

Nox about to settle in for a snooze

Nittany has the face of a kitten

We love your little nose freckle

This is where Simon patiently waits for dinner

But usually he naps all day in his favorite basket

Spacey goes on a little adventure

She doesn't need to go far from her condo to enjoy the view outside

Winter is looking cozy

Because she knows, "Winter is coming!"

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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