Saturday, September 21, 2019

September 21st

Kitties get in their last SUMMER HURRAH!

Playful Petunia!

Frances hanging out in the window box.  

Cooper being a flirt.  

Mars with her fur so soft!

Nittany trying out a new spot for napping.

Angelic Elsa.

The Queen of Laps!

Cinnamon is a sweetie.  

Nox chilling by the window. 

Pawl is a vision of perfection.

Chirpy-bird Anastasia. 

Winter knows her condo belongs to her!  

Elsie loves being pet!  

Simon hangs out by the gate so that he can say hello to all of the customers. 

L.V. says he's the door-greeter!


Maya has a favorite spot at the end of the catio that she RUNS to every morning.

Gentlemanly Archer.

Precocious Petunia.

Dainty Janeway.

Howdy, Bear!

Frankie jumps in her condo when she's ready for dinner.

Newcomer Spacey is as cute as they come.

Nice to meet you, Emma!


Bear and Peanut Butter are never far apart.

Hugo with his dandy mustach.

Marvelous Mochi!

Astro is always on his best behavior.

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