Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September 3

Back to school, or if you're a cat...

...back to cat naps! 😻

Poncho is in full vacation mode. :)

Amazing Almond! 

Archer and Janeway exploring like they do best. 

Baz is quite perky this morning!

 The cover of Cousteau and Maddie's new album. 😹

Fig is a shy guy, but oh so cute!

Gorgeous Gayle! 

Gertrude: pretty as a picture. 

Gurnesey matches her blanket perfectly!

"Reach out and touch me." -Hobbes

Howard is pooped from a day of play!

Captain Janeway catching some great lighting. 

Jinx is too cool for school. 

Kona all hunkered down! 

Leo on the move!

Luna and friends.

Millie mid-meow.

Monkey enjoying the most of his morning. 

Mr. T's view from the top. 

Nyx is so sweet AND soft. 

Ollie is all cozied up. 

Phil Collins enjoying loafing around this morning. 💖

Phoebe serving us Lion King vibes! 

"Come back later please! I'm resting." -Purr-C

Quincy has his favorite
spot on the catio for birdwatching. 

Raffy's ear tufts are so cute!!!

Rocky enjoying his condo to the fullest. 

Ron post-nap. 😸

Scout is free to roam the catio.

Simon in full chill. 

A big "hello" to newcomer Slate!

Winston has the influencer pose DOWN. 😹

Welcome back Zelda!


We hope everyone is
enjoying back to school time! 🏫

-Maddie, Angela and 
the All My Kitties Team

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