Wednesday, September 25, 2019

September 25th

Frankie knows this warm weather is wayning and she's going to soak up every last minute of it!

Mochi warming her paws in teh sun.  

Toy Toy for Blaire Blaire?

Spacey wants to purr a secret message into your ear.

Lamar is back! Let the good times roll!

He's found a wild catnip growing into the fence. 

Intrepid Mochi


Blaire is so long and lean. 

Spacey sure does like being pet!

Mars is safe and sound inside her basket.

Our man, Cinnamon!

Astro is very satisfied with his condo assignment.  

Winter, reporting for pets!


You are such a doll!

Nox is a silly bean.

Hanging out together.  

Frances looking mighty comfortable in the computer chair.  Hey, we need that back for doign the blog!

Chloe is a peach!

Mezzy never turns down a nice pet on the face.  

Emma is one of the cutest kitties in existance today.

Winter says "Ta ta for now!"

Thanks for looking!!!

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