Monday, December 16, 2019

December 16th

Happy Monday Everyone!

On Mondays, we at All My Kitties take it easy and hang out with our buds

Birdie and Blueberry enjoy playing musical stairs.

Bayley makes sure everyone is behaving.

Blueberry has a moment in the spotlight, showing us his best holiday pose.

Buddha says goodnight.  He must have had a long weekend.

Buddy also decides it's time to turn in for the evening.

Clovis enjoys a comfortable perch.

Forth's Monday consists of exploring and socializing.

Frankie poses for the camera. Frankie, how sleek and regal you look!

Prince Henry, whatever are you doing on the rooftops?

Noodles likes to keep warm on this crisp Monday.

Well hello there curious little Olive!

Quorra found a new cool place to hang her mouse toy.

I think it's safe to say Rizzo and Miss Maddy are best friends!

Looks like little Tula wanted to get a good photo for the parents!

Your Blog Host- Raven

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