Thursday, December 26, 2019

December 26th

Happy BOXING DAY! The a hightly anticipated day of the year, according the Maru the cat!  




Jubilee testing out the catio.  

Mona, my darling! 

Cyan is a real charmer.

Mia is a sweetie! 

Check out the peepers on Timmu!  

Raffy, baby!  

Apollo in his element.  

Garth and Wayne are never far apart.  


My, what blue eyes you have!  

Mia has really warmed up to the place!  

She can relax and really cut loose!  

Flirtatious Ian.  

Ron is a good boy, as always!  

Phil looking out the window.  

Esme the Magnificent.  

Kora is a delight!

Cleo found a private perch in the bookcase.  

Jake looks good in tabby stripes.  

Daisy taking visators in her condo.  

Kodiaks says, "Yes, please, more pets!"  

Mia shows off her luxuriously fluffy tail.  

Dashing Dipper.

Quincy wants to be as fluffy as felinely possibly.  

Perfect Luna.

Oyster says it's a chilly one today!  

We can gaze into Cousteau's eyes for an eternity.  

Simon looking dapper.

Marvelous Mac.

Cougar appreciates a nice, heated pad in his outdoor cabin.

Kodiak and Archer hanging out.

Archer on the move.

Not many cats have a dark nose like Kodiak.

Lovely Janeway.

Mabel tucked in tight.

Pepper is proud to have a condo to call his own.

Orca watches the door for customers.

Cutest Quorra.

Data likes to sleep with one eye open.

Octane is bell of the ball.

We are happy to have Kuro with us for the holidays! 


Maggie with a bandit's mask.  

Chloe exploring the catio.


Wonderful Washi.


Coco Bean is aply named for her dark coloring.

Mona throws air-punches to her adoring fans.

Happy holidays!

Your blog host,


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