Wednesday, December 18, 2019

December 18th

Windy Wednesdays at All My Kitties


Cousteau is back for a visit!

Zolo says naps are perfect for windy days!

Jubilee is enjoying another trip to All My Kitties.

Forth enjoys a nice head rub!

Bayley likes to keep cozy in the kitty cot.

Frankie is a wiggle worm!

Buddha on the usual rooftop perch!

Olive keeps an eye out for any mischief.

Clovis always looks so majestic!

Prince Henry needs a helping hand to get down from the rooftops!

Dipper and Mabel are back for the holidays!!

Ian likes to occasionally pop out and say hello.

Coco Bean enjoys a good snuggle.

Noodles doesn't mind the wind so much!

It's so good to see you Quincy!


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