Monday, December 2, 2019

December 2nd

Jinx is the life of the party!  

He's a regular comedian!

Lovely Lila in the window atrium.   

Cleo stays that it is very cozy in front of the heater. 

Great to see you again, Goose!  

Ollie the charmer!

Saoirse's basket in her condo is the center of her operations (she likes to explore too!)

Howdy, Archer!

Bear loves to greet the customers!  

Peanut Butter would like to say hi as well!  

Autumn soaking up some sun.  

Cougar shows off his big paws.

A sunny autumn day for Millie in the catio.  

Perfect for watching birdies. 

Octane is the sweetest!  

B-Boy doing his morning rounds. 

Autumn, darling!

Roo is always on his best behavior. 

Simon says, "Bring on the cold weather! There's a heater in my basket!" 

Pretty-boy Jinx.

B-Boy has a lot to talk about.


L.E. is an angel!

Lila adores being adored!

Have a great day!!

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