Friday, October 4, 2013

Cats Rule!

Kona wanted everyone to know she thinks cats rule!

Lucy enjoying some breakfast.

Josie sound asleep.

Bentley and Sierra making friends!

Miava looks like she's plotting a breakout mission.

Bentley and Miele 

He just wants to be friends with everyone! Bentley and Miava.

"Hmm... can I get out up there?"

Something smells yummy, right Miele?

Noodles being absolutely adorable.


Little nosey and feeties!

There's the rest of Olive.  I love her big blue coat. 

Seems we lost part of your cat. Woopsies!

Oh good! Miele's back in one piece.

Bentley soaking up some rays while he can.

Sierra is thinking about leaving her condo.

Blanton strutting his stuff.

Rainy has such beautiful colourings.

Vinnie snoozing the day away.

Persia got a new heating pad under her kitty hut and just loves it!

Pickle and Mochi have completely come out of their shells now. They just love attention!

Pickle pushing her sister out of the way to make sure she gets all the cuddles.

Gracie settling down for a cat-nap.

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