Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19th

Lulu and Kashi's ear.

I think it's safe to say Solomon is feeling pretty relaxed.

I don't understand Arina's obsession with the litter closet but she just loves hanging out there.

Marco's ready for his bath.

Bentley being Bentley.

Tana getting ready to jump.

Lulu again, she's just too cute.

There's a fine for going up the stairs and that is petting Kashi for as long as he wants.

Looks like it's getting a little too cold outside for Yana.

Marco sure is one handsome kitty.

Hoover LOVES his ear and chin rubs.

Looks like something caught his eye over there.

Arina came out of the litter closet! Yay!

Cheif having a lazy day.

Zeus keeping cozy in his basket.

Hana watching over all the kitties here.

It's not too cold for Nyar though. She loves the outdoors.

Aww Luna looks so sleepy.

Lucy is such a little doll. I love this cat.

Aww Beatrice! She's just too cute.

Popo packed herself up and is ready to go.

Smokey looks like he's about to jump.

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