Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11th

Bentley was surprised to find a cat outside of the cattery.  

Not too worry though, that's Marie's cat, Domino. No escapee's today!

Leo and Kashi love being up high, and they have a lovely new window to look out! I believe, that's Cassini in the background too.

Butterscotch is kinda giving me the stink-eye there.

Coco much prefers her homes unfurnished. That way she can add her own special touch.
Cat fur. Cat fur everywhere.

Persia coming out for some more chin rubs.

What a pretty little face.

I still think Rufio is such a handsome cat!

Kali getting her beauty sleep.

I was told Leo would pose for the camera.  Instead he just wanted attention!

If he did pose it was to make sure his coat was nice and clean for the picture.

He's got such a cute little beard.

Abbott has a lot to say and wants to make sure I hear him!

Kashi again.

Costello hiding behind his bed.

Tana wasn't too fond of getting her picture taken but she's just too cute.

How cute is that? Ari's arms are crossed!

Mmm yes, ear rubs!

Newton feeling a little camera shy.

Isn't Tana just beautiful?  She loves these outside perches too.

Boo staying cozy in his basket.

Nyar and Yana went right to their favorite spots when they got here this morning.

Radar likes being outside but he also likes being warm. The heated beds are just perfect.

Ari ventured outside!

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