Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26th

Ace has already made himself right at home.

Coco all tuckered out.

Avery found a nice little corner to take a nap in.

Shukson and Caz.

Yana and Nyar just begging for attention

Frankie stole my camera and started taking pictures of herself.

Caz checking the place out.

Kenji's taking it easy today.

Caz going crazy for the feather toy.

Even Shukson wants to play!

Lola is just too cute!

Yana having a blast!

Get it girl!

Everyone wants to play!

Nyar :)

Frankie, you can't get to toy with your eyes closed.

Lola is thinking about leaving her condo.

Bentley's missing out on all the action downstairs. 

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