Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17th

Kashi is just dying for some attention.

Sweet little Lulu cuddled up in bed.

I swear, I'm giving him loads of attention. Don't believe his lies.

I was looking everywhere for Arina, turns out she was in the litter closet the whole time!

Chairs are much comfier than bags of litter, right sweetie?

Cheif is fired up and ready for the day! ...after his nap.

Ozzie enjoying the nice new window.

Solomon and Zeus are still warming up.

Marco showing off his fabulous zebra striped collar.

Tana posing for the camera.

Radar just loves hanging out in the outdoor cabins.

Nyar and Yana being super cute.

Oh Bentley, he's such a darling boy.

Marco is determined to find a way out.

9/10 times when I sit down I have a cat in my lap within 30 seconds.

Nyar is such a doll. She just instantly snuggled up on my lap and gave me some kisses.

Ozzie is such a charmer, look at that sweet face.

Kuro has since moved from the condo to my lap. I just love him to bits.

Lady T wasn't too interested in her kitty treats.

Beatrice blowing raspberries.

She's loving this kitty window.

Popo feeling a little camera shy.

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