Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9th

Pickle moved over into Persia's condo. Hmm, I wonder if it's because of the heating pad?

Mochi is just too cute. I love her green eyes.

Vinnie being Vinnie. He's got a hard job what with having to be so cute all the time.

Persia refuses to come inside. She just loves that window so much. 

Though I did get her to come out halfway.  Chin rubs are very tempting according to Persia.

Marie's kitty, Cordelia was just being too sweet.

Rufio looks so comfy, but I don't think that's your condo!

Kali is making sure no body steals her food!

Leo told me he was done staying in his condo so I let him explore even though he just got here.

He ran all over the cattery exploring and checking the place out before deciding he liked the top of the stairs the best.

Rufio is just too handsome. Look at that face!

Sierra is watching the front door.

Costello is enjoying our new window.

Abbot catching some z's. What a cutie!

Lucy loves her high up perch.

Bentley popping out to say hi.

Now that Bentley's out of the cabin, Lucy is taking over!

Sorry Bentley! He doesn't look to pleased to have lost his kitty cabin.

Sierra being cute as well as making sure everyone knows this is her cat tree!

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