Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

We have a full house at All My Kitties so get ready for some great photos of your precious ones.

 Radar looks pretty cozy with this colorful arrangement of soft blankets.

 Marilyn looks extremely comfortable too.

Ha ha ha ha ha!  I just had to put this photo of Smokey in the blog.  Look at those eyes.

Maybe he saw a string.

Gabby is in the condo across from Smokey, but she prefers to sit out on the window cat veranda.

Kiss, kiss, kiss. 

 Cooper shares the office with me.  What a beautiful coat he has.

 Ah, this is pretty cute of Beau.  He likes to be on top of the condo to watch all the kitty cat action from this plush blanket.

Caught you Gigi, exploring the outside catio.

 Abbott is sniffing around  outside too.

 This is Philbert.  He and his brother Zezou have been coming to All My Kitties for the past 10 years.

 And this is Amy holding Zezou.  We're so lucky to have Amy helping us out this holiday.   

 Costello!  What happened to your eyes?  The flash caught his night vision goggles I think.

 Ziggy is sticking his tongue out at me.  

 Cornelious has a nice room with a view.

 Poncho Villa says forget the room, I'm just going outside to see the view.
 Cougar claimed this outside heated cat cabin for his own
the first day he got here.

 Sam, you look like you have a smile on your face.

 What a good looking cat you are Cornelious.

 OK, this is kind of a bad hair day for me, but I'm still putting this photo in the blog because Aussie is really enjoying this chin scratch.

 Jackson is not laying eggs, but a chicken at his house is and I am always the lucky recipient of farm fresh eggs.  Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict here we come!!!

 Olive just arrived and she looks like she's sticking her tongue out at me too.

 Millie is guarding her condo.  No intruders are ever allowed in "her" condo or they'll have to deal with her directly.

 Ozzie!  Yes you!  I'm taking your picture.

Coco loves this Kabota house given to AMK by Aussie's family years ago.  You can see that many kitty guests have enjoyed this carpeted hideaway.  

OK, this is it!  One more cat sticking his tongue out at me.  This time it's Popo.

 Butterscotch just came in today too.  He is a perfect guest in every way.

 Dexter and Pepper.

 Or is it Pepper and Dexter?  I'll get it right when it's time for Dexter's medications, don't worry. 

We have two look-a-like white kitty sisters here too, named Yuki and Hana.  They're all so cute.  We're so lucky to have them all.

 Three more return guests starting with Lady Penelope,

and talkative Lulu.

Herschel has been our guest for more than a month now.  He is so sweet and easy to take care of.  Mommy and Daddy have emailed and said they miss him.  Don't worry Herschel, they'll come back for you soon.

Phew, that's it for today.  Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone.  We are very thankful that you bring your kitties to stay with us while you're away.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Your blog host for today - Marie.


  1. Although she hasn't said anything out loud, Rosie misses her bro Herschel a lot.
    And so do we! Tell him we'll be picking him up in just over 3 weeks.

    Marc and Elly

  2. Love seeing photos of Marilyn! She looks pretty cozy.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all at All My Kitties!

    Catherine and James