Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve


 Get ready for a lot of photos of your fur family starting with Neo wearing a "huggy" to make the trip in his carrier more calming.

 Yesterday we put this Plexiglas window veranda in and Tizzy is checking it out. Great view right Tizzy?

 Roo took over Sabrina's cat ball bed.

 Gabby is trying to fit into hers but she doesn't quite make it.

 Butter thinks they're all very silly.

 Baby is very photogenic with a coat of many colors. 

 Downward "dog" pose?  How about downward kitty pose for Cee Cee?

 Phil is a little camera shy, but he does like to roam in other kitty's condos.

Gomez is just a sweetie.  He and Peanut (in the background) love their special condos.  When I open the doors, they don't want to come out.  Who blames them with that view and all that room in the condo.

Miles takes a moment to admire Gomez.

 Around, around he goes, Peanut finally landing in the perfect spot.

 Pudge is quite comfortable too.

 Neddie likes roaming from condo to condo too.  She moved in with Settie, but Settie isn't too impressed with the intrusion.

 We have so many tuxedo kitties.  This looks like Beau.

 We bring out the feather toy for Josie's amusement.

 Juliana likes it.

 Ted, Ollie, and Lola.  The three musketeers.  

 Marcel is hysterical to watch playing with the feather stick.

 Yana looks golden with the rare little bit of sun shining on her.

 Look at those marvelous whiskers on Nyar.

Eliza has found her favorite perch outside.

 What big eyes you have George.

 Loup looking magnificent. 

 Igor is a sweetheart. 

 Stanley doesn't seem too pleased with others checking out his backside.

 Sam loves the outdoors.  He refuses to go in his condo and we say that's ok.  No one is forced to go in a condo.

 Stanley likes to be out of his condo all day, but jumps back in as soon as the food wagon shows up.



Josie B.  We have two Josie's staying with us.

 Chloe loves to climb to the highest spot in the cattery.  She is such a sweet kitty and has been coming to AMK for many years.

 I couldn't ask for a better pose Suzy.

 It looks like Leo has taken over my office chair.

 It doesn't get much cuter than this.  Tizzy licks licks licks her favorite friend CeeCee.

 Phil comes out for a quick look.

 Sabrina should be a model don't you think?

 Dinner time starts with individual food trays with our guests name on them.

 Then everyone's personal diet, but tonight we have added a little treat of tuna fish for the holidays, except those on a restricted diet.

 Here is another behind the scene photo.  The carrier tags have helped us locate your carriers quickly when you come to pick up your kitties.

 OK, dinner is now ready under the watchful eye of my assistant Domino.  

That was a lot of photos, but we have a full house this holiday.  It wouldn't be possible without the love and help of these three marvelous elves.  

 Allison Davis

 Ellen Webber

 and Miles Scofield-Shelby

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Marie Martin with Shiloh.

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