Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12

Look at Herschel's little feeties! So cute.

Pants roaming around.

Kinda blurry but Pants and Leo are getting to know each other. :) 

CeeCee is sooo gorgeous. 

Would you like to be brushed Pants?

She's got a little smirk on her face.

Aw, Lucy all sprawled out, nice and comfy.

Tizzy is such a cutie too.

Pants is actually letting me get close to him! Yay!

Tizzy thinks the cloth houses are much nicer than the wicker baskets. 

Seriously, could this cat be any cuter?!

Settie staying warm in her bed.

Stanley just likes to be in the center of everything!

Uh oh, watch out Bentley! I think he's about to be abducted by aliens, just look at that strange light.

Thumbs is just the cutest, she looks so wise.

Trouble found a warm spot in the sunshine.

Bentley guarding the front door with Pixel and Trouble as back-up.

Pixel enjoying the view way up high.

Kashi loves the outside catio even though it's freezing!
He meowed at me and I could see his breath.

Hiiii Tana, what'cha doin'?

Annie in her favorite spot.

Tana hunting for some birds.

Oh good, Leo, can you help organize paperwork with me?

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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