Friday, December 20, 2013


Lucy and Herschel waiting patently for their breakfast.

Mmm yes, ear rubs!

Herschel just chillin'

Bentley was excited about all the snow this morning!

Marie's beautiful garden.

Marie's kitty, Domino, was having fun in the snow this morning.

She blends in so well!

Settie... Are you okay?

Neo isn't too sure what to make of the snow.

Really Settie?

I don't know what her fascination with water is.

Lip smackin' good!

Pixel, Yussi, and Sam hanging out together.

Yana and Nyar just got here this morning but they're already back in their favorite spots!

"What is this white stuff outside?" ~ Sam
"Snowwww!" Sam seems pretty happy about the snow today.

While Stanley would much rather stay cozy inside and enjoy looking at the snow.

Josie's just sleeping through this beautiful weather.

Jazzmine thinks it's too cold and would much rather stay in her cozy basket.

Ceecee is just going crazy for this feather toy.

She's got a little green feather mustache, how cute!

Leo's pretty stoked for the toy as well.

He looks like a little bear going after the toy.

Now Tizzy's getting in on the action.

Ceecee's eyes are glowing red!

Lucy can't be bothered with the toy, she'd much rather get back to her nap.

Looks like Tizzy's having a good time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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