Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22nd

I'm going to try something different here with a few short videos.

It is Phil, but he seems uninterested in this festive toy.

Peanut has a condo with a view.

Darling Gomez does too.

Settie LOVES her basket.

Coco and Beau almost look like twins.

Nap time for Yussi.

I'm really not sure who this is, but he's giving me the evil eye that's for sure.

Suzy just came in a few hours ago.

And look, she wanted to show me how her tongue matches her bedding.

Jose also has matching collar and bed.

Chloe looks a little startled at the flash of the camera, but she just came in today too and here she is already in a photo shoot.

There's George still hiding out.

Ooooooo, mmmmmmm, ahhhhhhh, Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bentley loving the brush.

This handsome kitty is Neo who is watching all the activity from on top of the condo.

Loup is glad he is inside on this drizzly day, but still enjoys looking out the window.

Yana doesn't care how cold or wet it is, she just wants to be outside.

Today's blog host...Merry Marie Martin

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