Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6th

Herschel is such a sweetheart!

Oh and Lucy, what a doll...

Oh hey!

Tess is such a cutie, and she's super sweet!

Black goes really well with the colour green.

Settie and Stanley just came in this morning. They're both still settling in. Here's Settie.

Tana is soo gorgeous!

Bombay peeking out from his favorite spot.

Beaux is enjoying the nice view from his cozy bed.

Ziggy on the other hand is braving the weather. Good thing we've got heated beds!

See? All the outdoor water dishes froze! Brrr!

Kashi and Pixel seem to really enjoy this weather.  Must be their beautiful fur coats.

Just what I wanted for Christmas! Bentley :)

I'm surprised Bentley tolerated Amy and I dressing him up so well.

We even put a Santa hat on Ozzie! 

Hope it's warmer where all of you are!
-Your blog host, Ellen.

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