Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3

Things always get crazy when Cooper runs the show 
Handsome Zezou, giver of sage advice and fluffy hugs 

Abbot and Costello are a good pair to follow if you want to find the warmest sunning spot

Who's that sneaking around the corner?
(Bentley, of course)

Ziggy standing guard...
While Cornelius takes a nap

 Babs is a super-cute cat, and always looking to play

But this Ziggy just likes to take it easy

Cougar likes to do his morning stretches perched atop the Catio 

Babs decided to see what the party outside was all about

Tess is just a beautiful cat, she has icy eyes, but a warm personality!

Dexter and Pepper. I always find these two in the funniest spots, because they are always running around

And who could forget about Lucy and Hershal? Two of our sweetest  longtime boarders

Miles here, hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving and, as always, enjoy the blog!

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