Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9

It's so cold here the water fountain is freezing!

Ziggy is a spy cat.

Tess trying to figure out what all these crazy kitties are up to.

CeeCee found a cozy home.

Uh oh, is that a fly? Get it Tizzy! 

Herschel doing what he does best.

Lucy thinks she might want to play with this feather toy, but first, a nap!

Oh Black, such a sweet old kitty.

Settie came out of her condo to do some exploring. 

Bombay has quite the story to tell

Trouble looking for... you know

But Pixel already found it

While Thumbs is doing her best to avoid it

Beaux keeps it cozy

Tana is the definition of trouble.

Nah, she's a sweetheart. 

Ziggy is not amused.

Bentley sittin' pretty.

Kashi keeping an eye out making sure none of the kitties cause too much trouble.

Tizzy and CeeCee wish you all a good week!

  This weeks blog put together by Ellen and Miles, both having a great time staying warm with all the cats!

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