Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11th 2015

The Solstice in nearly upon us and our kitty guests are already kicking off their Summer Vacation at All My Kitties!

Here's Sweets, looking very relaxed.  

Eiger either hangs out in his carrier or on his special blanket.  They must smell like home.
Eiger's buddy Fiona is always close at hand. The two are inseparable!   

I thought the recycling bin felt a little heavy....

Chloe loves having her picture taken.  She's very photogenic.

Lovely Samantha has taken a liking to her basket and condo.  

Marley lounging in the Catio.  

Badger is a very distinguished cat!   

Indie's an outgoing kind of guy.  

Igor refuses to miss an opportunity to be in the blog.  She fallows me everywhere!

Enzo loves his private window spot.  

Gus goes field trips to the Catio in the afternoon.  

Ziggy has secured himself a comfy spot on top of the condos.  He's settled down nicely and even lets me pet him on the chin if I'm lucky.   

Lady P, beautiful as always.  

Little May is just the sweetest teacup kitty with a nutcracker chin!  

That's our intrepid Leo with a fresh new haircut.  

Pudge, the Gentle Giant.

Enzo in his other favorite spot.  

That Lilly is our fearless, friendly door-greeter!  

We just can't get over how darling Percy his every minute of the day.  

Sweets has a lot to talk about, mainly that it's DINNER TIME!

Have a great day!

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