Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9th

Fiona and Eiger love napping in their condo together
Miss Sweets all settled in for bed

Percy loves to snuggle on laps but when he's done he goes right to his carrier!
Wouldn't it be great if all cats loved their carrier this much?

Uh oh Marley, don't you even think about destroying those paper towels!

Ziggy lounging around his condo

I caught Miss Lady Penelope during bath time

Pudge sure knows how to relax!

Enzo watches Indie give himself a bath

Okay, could this cat be any cuter?

Not only is Samantha good looking, she's the sweetest little kitty!

Chloe hiding behind her post

Uh Oh got a couple of flat kitties. Igor and Lily think it's too hot!!

Badger is too cute!

Gus went on a field trip to the catio and he's happy as a clam!

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